Fix You

How many of us feel and have felt this way – that “you try your best but you don’t succeed…when you get what you want but not what you need”?

That you are stuck in reverse?

As business environment is becoming more volatile due to technology disruption, our work environment is inevitably becoming more volatile as well – and it will get worse in the very near future.

We will be facing more frequent layoffs and job changes.  This will create more uncertainty which would potentially lead to stress and health issues.

Like Cold Play, we at Dots…Connect believe that there is a way to fix this – and that is to have a strong career brand where the opportunities will come to you when you least need it.

For job seekers who are in career transition and need a quick fix, Dots…Connect believe that everyone is a champion (whether you are employed or unemployed) and we want to connect you with great opportunities by highlighting your strengths and uniqueness to your potential employers through building a strong brand of YOU.

Like the song, “If you never try you’ll never know just what you’re worth.”

Let’s work together to help guide you home – by connecting you.

Fix You – Coldplay (Video)


Mike Lin

Co-Founder & Transformation Catalyst

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