This is the sad story of Mr. Bump with a happy and inspiring ending – please read on.

IMG_2110“If there was something for Mr. Bump to bump into, he’d bump into it, all right.

Mr. Bump had had many jobs, but somehow they never seem to last very long.

As soon as anything got lost or broken…Mr. Bump got the blame.

However…Mr. Bump had a splendid idea about what sort of job he should do.


Mr. Bump’s job is picking apples.  But he doesn’t use a ladder to clean up the tree to pick the apples like other Apple pickers.

He just walks around! And before long, Mr. Bump, being Mr. Bump, walks into a tree.


This makes the job of apple picking much easier, and Mr. Bump is very pleased about his new job.”

Now – which Mr. Bump are you?

Are you feeling trapped at your current environment or are you fully leveraging your strengths at work?

We believe that we are all like Mr. Bump somehow and it’s important to figure out how to identify our strengths (sometimes our weaknesses are actually our strengths) and leverage them strategically.

Our goal at DotsConnect is to help you create a strong and unique brand of YOU so you could, like Mr. Bump at the end, be able to work smart and enjoy your job by leveraging your strengths (and perhaps even turn your weaknesses into strengths).

Remember, by partering up with us, you are looking for a job for yourself but not by yourself!

Let’s work together to build a unique brand of YOU!

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